4 Huts (Frey / Jakob / Black Lagoon / López)

Duration: 3/4 days
Tour: Villa Catedral / Colonia Suiza
Difficulty: Medium +
Distance: 46 km. approximately (total)
Total Elevation: + 3,400 m. approx.
Points of interest: "Villa Catedral" / Van Titter Stream, Frey Hut / Toncek and Schmoll Lagoons / "Soccer Field" / "Rucaco" Valley, Mount "Brecha Negra", Jakob Hut, Schweitzer Pass, Mount Inocentes, Mount "Navidad" (Christmas), Black Lagoon , "Goye" Stream, Mount and Hut "López",  "Colonia Suiza" (Swiss Cologne).

A famous traverse, which is the scene of a well-known mountain race in Patagonia. It is recommended for people who have experience in trekking and good physical condition.

It has 46 km. in total and connects the 4 most recognized huts of Nahuel Huapi National Park. This traverse can also be join partially by making 2 or 3 huts. We can spend the night in huts or in a tent.

Begins in Villa Catedral and the first night is in the Emilio Frey Hut by the traditional trail. Next day, we pas through the Toncek and Schmoll Lagoons until we reach the crest of the Mount "Catedral" and from there we go down to the Rucaco Stream valley towards the Jakob hut.

If we do not want to do all the huts, we also have the option of crossing only 2: Frey & Jakob or Black Lagoon & López

From "Jakob" hut we ascend to the Mount "Inocentes" and continue towards the Mount "Navidad" (Christmas). Then, we continue to the "Laguna Negra" (Black Lagoon).

Next day, we must skirt the black lagoon and we ascend through the rocky slopes towards López Hut, and from there, to Colonia Suiza.

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