Hike Mount Buitrera

Only 30 km from Bariloche is Mount Buitrera. Here the condors that roam the area rest. Custom has caused this hill to be called "vulture", although in reality its tenants are condors.

Difficulty: Medium
Route (round trip): 6-10 km. (total)
Dates: September to May
Elevation gain: +600 m.
Duration: Full day / Half day
Points of interest: Estancia Crespo, Cave of Life, Condorera, Mount Buitrera, Cliffs, The Window, Mushrooms stones, Cave of Life.

In this area, the steppe is fully manifested, with its plains of dry and stunted vegetation, deep ravines and curious rock formations such as those we can appreciate in La Buitrera.

On this hill of 1600 m. We can observe stone formations where the erosion of water and wind have formed natural holes, which serve as "bedrooms" for the magnificent birds that are the condors.

The condor is an imposing animal. Its unfolded wings reach a length of three meters. It is capable of flying at altitudes of more than 5,000 meters. There are days when we can find more than 100 condors on the walls.

From the top of this hill we will have beautiful views of Mounts Blanco (White), Ñireco, Carbón, Estratos, Villegas and Lake Nahuel Huapi, among others.

On our return we will return to the Crespo Family ranch, where we will finish the outing and we will be able to eat some freshly made fried cakes.

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