Short Walks

Walk experiences to enjoy actively. Through low difficulty paths you will be able to connect with nature and get to know Bariloche.



Become part of a winter postcard. Walk and enjoy hearing the crunch of the snow and the dreamy views


Joining Arms

We walk the Rincón and Machete Arms of Nahuel Huapi (we cross the lake by boat)

Discovering the Steppe

We move away from the forest in search of endless horizons with steppe magic

Pampa Linda

Enjoy views of glaciers, waterfalls and melting rivers in the middle of a vast Andean forest

Llao LLao Park

Wooded trails with gentle slopes to enjoy and interpret our flora and fauna

Habsburg Rock

Discover an incredible viewpoint in Bariloche with a lot of history

Patagonia Night

Come and enjoy our Patagonian skies and get away from the noise (except winter)

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