Mountain Traverses

There are many possible muntain traverses. It is possible to camp in a tent or spend the night in a shelter to live a more complete experience in our Patagonia. Then, just a few possible examples, it will depend on the days you want to walk.


2 Refuges (Frey/Jakob)

Walking through these places you will not have a cell phone signal, however, you will achieve an incredible connection with nature. Live a beautiful experience away from noise and technology, enjoy the singing of the birds and feel the wind on your face.
(3 days - consult)


2 Refuges (López/Laguna Negra)

Get away from the noise of big cities and technology. Experience the mountain atmosphere by visiting 2 of the oldest refuges in Bariloche. Connect with nature on a journey through the middle of our Andean Patagonian Forest and learn about its native flora and fauna.
(3 days - consult)

4 Refuges

One of the typical traverses of the area connecting the most famous mountain huts in Bariloche.
(4 days)

5 Lagoons

Traverse through beautiful lagoons of Bariloche, it is characterized by its tranquility, as it is away from the busy trails.
(5 days)

Paso de Las Nubes (Pass of Clouds)

An incredible traverse that begins in the area of Mount "Tronador" (Pampa Linda) and ends in Frías Port / Blest Port, returning by catamaran to Bariloche.
(3 days)

Paso de Las Nubes (Pass of Clouds) with Glacier Crossing

Unmissabled traverse! Begins in Pampa Linda, we join the 2 shelters of the Tronador by means of a glacier hike, we cross the Valdivian jungle to Puerto Frías, and return by boat to Bariloche.
(3 days)

"On Demand" Expeditions

Customized hike expeditions according to your needs. There are hundreds of possible trails in Bariloche, El Bolsón and Villa La Angostura. Choose where you want to go and the days you want to walk.

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