Hike Refuge Ilon Lagoon

An ideal experience for those who want to go to the beach and the mountains at the same time. The warm waters and its sandy coasts make it an ideal place to rest after walking through beautiful forests listening to Mount Tronador (thunderer).

Difficulty: Medium
Distance (one way): 9 km. approx.
Elevation Gain: +650 meters
Dates: All year
Duration: 2 days
Type: Private trekking
Points of interest: Pampa Linda, Alerce River, Waterfall and Water Intake, Mount Tronador Viewpoint.

IMPORTANTE: El acceso a este sector del Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi tiene establecido horarios de ingreso/egreso. Se debe abonar entrada en EFECTIVO.

The trail begins in the area called Pampa Linda (Beautiful Pampa), (80 kilometers from Bariloche). The trekking begins with a very gentle slope until reaching the footbridge to cross the Alerce River, from there, we enter a high forest where the slope increases considerably.

Beautiful trekking crossing streams, waterfalls and marshes in the company of the Tronador (thunderer). We will also see the Doctor's Look, a privileged balcony with a beautiful view of Lake Frey.

In this section we have several viewpoints of Mount Tronador, and if we pay attention, at some moments of the walk we will be able to hear the noise of the constant landslides that occur in the glaciers.

The lagoon is located between "Mount del Viento" (mount of the wind) and "Mount Punta Negra" (mount black tip). It is a 4 km² lagoon with a privileged view of Mount Tronador.

The last part, arriving at the lagoon, is with very little unevenness, immersed in a beautiful lenga forest. The view at the Ilón Lagoon is priceless.

Are you going to enjoy the mountains and the beach?

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