Hike Refuge Jakob (San Martín)

Take off your cell phone and connect with nature in this experience inside the Andean Forest. We will see many birds and lizards that inhabit this area and countless flowers. Arriving at the refuge in summer will be an unavoidable invitation to cool off in the lagoon.

Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 18 km approximately (one way)
Hut Height: 1,564 masl
Duration: 5/7 hs. (one way)
Interesting Sites: "Támbo Báez", "Casa de Piedra" Stream (Stone House),  Jakob Lagoon, Témpanos Lagoon, Schweitzer Pass.

Others: The Jakob hut is part of 4 Refuges Mountain Traverse, so you can extend the trekking various days by connecting other huts.

The original name is "San Martin" hut, however, it is more known as "Jakob" by the nearby lagoon.This lagoon has that name in recognition of Dr. Jakob (who was a scientist and explorer of the Nahuel Huapi National Park area.

The trail begins in the area of "​​Tambo Baez" and the distance walking until the hut is 18 km. It is recommended to spend the night to enjoy the place more and we can make a short trekking to the Tempanos Lagoon.

Several sectors on the trail have water and mud, so it is recommended a resistant shoe to walk safely and without getting your feet wet.

The "Témpanos" lagoon, has that name because we can see some blocks of ice floating in its transparent waters during the first months of summer. Another recommended trekking from the hut is the "Schweitzer" Pass, which offers a wonderful view of the "Casalata" Stream Valley.

The current hut is built with modern materials and was inaugurated on April 21, 2018 (the hut previous one was destroyed by a fire on 2017 and dated from 1952).

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