Walk Joining Arms

Exclusive experience walking along unknown paths that can only be accessed by crossing our great lake by boat. You will join two of its arms traveling through pristine Coihue forests in the middle of lagoons and waterfalls and you will be able to rest on paradisiacal sandy beaches.

Difficulty: low
Dates: All year
Duration: Half Day or Full Day
Points of interest: Rincón Arm, Gallardo Lake, Martinez Town, Machete Arm, Gallardo River Waterfall and Ponds, Machete Lagoon, Old Sawmill, Florencia Camping.
Others: In 2-day trekking it can be complemented with trekking to the Refuge Dormilón

We will leave Bariloche by truck along the mythical route 40 with its curves and counter-curves bordering Lake Nahuel Huapi towards Villa La Angostura. We will arrive at a small port and we will get on a boat to cross our lake of more than 550 km² towards one of the chosen arms.

The crossing by boat lasts a little less than half an hour, and in it, we will be able to see the islands Fray Menéndez, Victoria and the Quetrihué Peninsula where the Arrayanes Forest is located.

When you sit in the boat and look up you will see Cerro Dormilón (Sleepyhead) where the Refuge Dormilón is located, the oldest in the entire National Park.

We will go down to an incredible sandy beach, which has the particularity of being sheltered from the wind, where we will prepare to walk. The paths are wide and gently uneven so that we can do it calmly and enjoy the peace of the place. If we are lucky we will be able to see a woodpecker drilling wood to get food for his family.

A beautiful place to contemplate is Lake Gallardo with a silent beach where we can only hear the melancholic song of a solitary huala with its long orange neck in the middle of the lake. Until this place we will access through the place of the Cayún family, an old population of the Machete branch.

Our Nahuel Huapi lake is approximately 550 km² and has 8 arms. El Machete is one of them and is located in the northwest sector very close to Chile. His name is very particular. Do you know why he has that name? When you walk by there you will notice!

Walking towards Brazo Rincón we will find remains of ash and volcanic rock from the eruption of the Puyehue Volcano in 2011, a beautiful vestige of such a natural phenomenon.

There are many more destinations to visit such as the waterfall and the pools of the Gallardo River, the mouth of the Machete, the Machete Lagoon and the old sawmill, among others. The itinerary will depend on how much you want to walk and see. Nature awaits you.

Are you going to walk and unite the arms of Nahuel?

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