Walk Patagonia Night

Sit and look at our starry sky: it is something so beautiful and so difficult to see in big cities. Walking and then looking for shooting stars is an immense pleasure that will connect you with nature and with our interior.

Difficulty: low
Route: from 2 to 8 km.
Dates: September to April (according to temperature)
Duration: 3 to 4 hours (plus transfer)
Points of interest: Gutiérrez balcony, Villa Los Coihues, viewpoint of the Lakes, Antennas, San Martín hill summit, Villa Catedral.

The nocturnal walks are of low difficulty, the wide paths and gentle slopes make an ideal plan to explore with the family. We will start walking with the last rays of sun enjoying the sunset. We will grab the poles and we will ascend little by little until we reach a viewpoint that allows us to contemplate the area.

Through night walks we will visit the Patagonian Andean Forest, you will be able to see lakes and see hills, learn about the beautiful native flora and fauna and the history of Bariloche and the area. An active experience to connect with nature and get to know our Patagonia.

Once up we will take advantage of eating a lunch and having a warm drink while we enjoy our beautiful skies. You can sit at the moon and our stars.

On the descent we will go down with flashlights, or in case there is a good full moon, you can try walking without artificial light.

Are you coming to enjoy our skies?

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