Hike Refuge Laguna Negra (Italia – Manfredo Segre)

Arriving at this beautiful black-walled lagoon and watching the sunset fall behind it is a unique experience. On the way we will cross tall forests, marshes and streams with meltwater that offer a total connection with nature.

Difficulty: Medium
Route (round trip): 28 km. approx. (total)
Dates: November to April
Refuge height: 1,650 masl.
Duration: 2 days
Points of interest: Rancho Manolo / Arroyos Navidad and Negro / Caracoles.
Traverses: From the refuge we can connect the Jakob and López refuges, added to the Frey, make up the Traverse 4 Refuges. Another connection option is the CAB Lagoon, beginning the Traverse 5 Lagoons to Pampa Linda. Both crossings are of several days.

The refuge Italia (better known as Laguna Negra) has an access path that begins in Colonia Suiza. It was inaugurated in 1969 and is located on the shores of the black lagoon at 1650 meters above sea level.

The walk begins in Colonia Suiza on a vehicular road surrounded by Coihues and exotic pines. It goes through canyons with streams until it approaches the main stream Goye. From there the vegetation is high and with weeds until we find a large area within the forest called Rancho Manolo.

They are 14 km and the physical effort is moderate. It is recommended to do it in 2 days and spend the night in the refuge or camping to rest and enjoy the place (it can be done on the day if you are in good physical condition).

The route is along a path that alternates Patagonian forest and sectors with marshes and rocks.

When passing "Rancho Manolo" the unevenness begins to increase slightly. Some streams cross further up and we find Los Caracoles, the last area, which is the one with the steepest slope and ends at the Laguna Negra where we find the refuge.

The surroundings of the refuge are walls of dark rocks, which are reflected in the lagoon and have that particular aspect that gives rise to the name.

The lagoon usually has a lot of wind coming from the west, it is located at the foot of Cerros Gordo, Bailey Willis, Manolo, Marino and Negro (the highest in the place). A beautiful place to rest, or to plan to continue walking to the next lagoon.

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