Traverse 2 Refuges (Frey / Jakob)

Walking through these places you will not have a cell phone signal, however, you will achieve an incredible connection with nature. Live a beautiful experience away from noise and technology, enjoy the singing of the birds and feel the wind on your face.

Duration: 3 days
Tour: Villa Catedral / Támbo Báez
Difficulty: Medium +
Distance: 35 km. approximately (total)
Total Elevation: + 1,800 m. approx.
Points of interest: Villa Catedral / Van Titter Stream, Refuge Frey / Toncek and Schmoll Lagoons / "Soccer Field" / "Rucaco" Valley, Mount "Brecha Negra", Refuge Jakob, Témpanos Lagoon, Támbo Báez.

A famous journey to take in Bariloche. No experience in trekking is necessary and it is recommended if you want to start mountain trekking; you only need good physical condition to carry a backpack for several hours a day.

For 3 days we will walk and you will visit 2 classic refuges in Bariloche. You will have beautiful views of the hills and lakes of our Patagonia and you will completely connect with nature.

The beginning of the journey is along the slope of Mount Catedral, being able to contemplate the imposing view of Mount San Martín, Gutiérrez Lake and, further up, Mount Ventana. The first section is to the Emilio Frey Refuge along the traditional path, you will pass through the Toncek and Schmoll Lagoons until you reach the edge of Mount Catedral.

Upon reaching Van Titter stream we will enter a high Lengas forest, depending on the time of year, you will be able to see many Amancay flowers adorning the forest. You will also be able to hear and see several examples of birds that live in the forest.

The Frey refuge is located on Mount Catedral, a few kilometers from the city of Bariloche and was inaugurated in 1957, named after Emilio Frey, the first mayor of the Nahuel Huapi National Park and president of the CAB (Club Andino Bariloche).

The second day we will go to the edge of Mount Catedral. Once there you will have a beautiful view of Mount Tronador and we will head to the left to the Rucaco Valley.

This is an area without vegetation, with rocks that make walking difficult. Once across the valley, the trail ascends again to the edge of Mount Brecha Negra and then descends to the Jakob Lagoon, next to which is the San Martín refuge, better known as the Jakob refuge.

The original name is "Refugio San Martín", however, it is better known as "Jakob" because of the nearby lagoon that bears that name.

The last day is ideal to take advantage of the refuge and to get to know the Témpanos Lagoon where you can soak your feet before starting the descent towards the area known as Tambo Báez

Do you dare to do it?

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