Walk Llao Llao Park

Through walks we will visit the Patagonian Andean Forest, you will be able to see lakes and see hills, you will learn about the beautiful native flora and fauna of the area, the history of the city of Bariloche and the Protected Areas. An active experience for you to connect with nature and get to know our Patagonia.

Difficulty: low
Route: from 2 to 8 km.
Dates: All year
Duration: 3 to 4 hours (plus transfer)
Points of interest: Mount Llao Llao, Villa Tacul Beach, Ruins of 1955, Sendero of Arrayanes, Viewpoint of Tacul, Viewpoint Brazo Tristeza, Roman Bridge, Hidden Lake, The Trunks Bay, Cemetery of the Mountain (it will depend on how far you go).

The park was created in 1989 in order to preserve a specific area included in the Nahuel Huapi National Park. It borders the Moreno and Nahuel Huapi lakes and is one of the most frequented walks in the area.

In the middle of huge Coihue forests and bordering the Nahuel Huapi and Moreno lakes you will have incredible views of Bariloche

In a lower plane there are shrubs such as neneo, michay, chilco and pañil, among others. Ferns, vines and other smaller species complement the larger species. The forest is particularly notable for the presence of fungi, among them the llao-llao, from which the place takes its name. ´When you come in summer you will see the beautiful Mutisias with that intense orange color.

The flora is significant, among the largest specimens are the coihues and colihue cane, the lengas, the cypresses of the mountain range and smaller specimens such as ñires.

The fauna of the Llao Llao park is equivalent to that of the Nahuel Huapi park, although the proximity with constant human presence determines that many species are difficult to observe. The finding of rodents and birds is more frequent. The park is the habitat of some aquatic birds such as the great macá, the southern bandurria and the white heron and other striking ones such as the ruby hummingbird, the giant woodpecker and the pitio woodpecker.

We also find many songbirds, among them the diucón, the common huet-huet, fio fio silbón, the chucao and the Patagonian varieties of the comesebo, the thrush, thrush, picolezna and swallow among others. If you are lucky you will be able to see and hear a carpenter drilling the wood.

The beauty of the forest and the lake coast coexist with the mystery of the Villa Tacul Ruins. Huge concrete beams and walls lying in a heap on top of the small promontory overlooking the lake. The remains reveal that it was a large structure. A Nazi bunker or a hotel that didn't materialize? history is present in this park.

Added to the Llao Llao Municipal Park, you have many more destinations for short walks such as Hasburg Rock and Glacier Castaño Overa Viewpoint (Pampa Linda) among others. You only need the desire to walk.

Are you coming to walk around Bariloche?

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