Pampa Linda (Mount Tronador)

Pampa Linda is a dream place where forests abound and the presence of Cerro Tronador, which you can see and hear its thunder. You can have family experiences by taking short walks and it is also the starting point for trekking and trips to various places and refuges.

Activity Options:

-HIKES/TREKKING (during the day)
Difficulty: Medium/Low
Different short walks to viewpoints, waterfalls and rivers ideal for family tours. Among others we find: Saltillo de Las Nalcas, Castaño Overa Glacier Viewpoint, Ventisquero Negro, Valle Viewpoint, Playa Negra, Piuke Huapi Viewpoint, Los Rápidos del Manso, Los Césares Waterfall and Lagoon, Manolo Blanco Bridge, Pozones del Claro

TREKKINGS (2 days or more)
Difficulty: Medium
From Pampa Linda we can trek to 4 refuges and several hills, among others:
Refuge Ilon Lagoon with its beautiful lagoon of warm waters and sands is ideal to enjoy the day and visit La Mirada del Doctor. It has a kitchen/dining room dome and a dome/refuge.
Refuge Agostino Rocca with views of the Tronador Glacier and the Frías River Valley. It is the most modern in the area and has rooms.
Refuge Otto Meiling located at the foot of Mount Tronador between the Alerce and Castaño Overa glaciers.
Refuge "Old" (Manuel Ojeda Cancino) is the highest in the area. Arriving here offers us a spectacular view that is worth the effort. It does not have services and the difficulty is demanding.
Mount Volcanico, of an incredible reddish color and a demanding trekking.

In Pampa Linda we find several overnight options such as the Los Vuriloches campsite, the Hostería Pampa Linda Inn and the Pampa Linda Hostel, therefore, the stay can be several days.

TRAVERSES (more than 2 days)
Difficulty: Medium/High
In Pampa Linda there are several options for multi-day trekking. All the shelters can be connected and you can also cross lagoons and hills. Some crossings are:
-5 Lagoons
It begins in Colonia Suiza and covers the Negra, Lluvu, Cretton, Calvú (blue), Jujuy and Ilón lagoons and the Mirada del Doctor.
-The Haunting of the Thunderer
The Laguna Ilón and Rocca refuges are visited and the Doctor's Gaze is known.
-Tronador Lagoons
The Calvú (blue), Creton, Jujuy and Ilon lagoons and the Mirada del Doctor are visited.
-Paso de las Nubes (Pass of Clouds)
Go through the Rocca Refuge, cross the Valdivian Forest towards Puerto Frías and return by boat to Bariloche.
-Paso de las Nubes with Glacier Crossing
The Meiling and Rocca refuges are joined by means of a glacier walk, crossing the Valdivian Forest towards Puerto Frías and returning by boat to Bariloche.
-Refuges of the Tronador (Thunderer)
The Meiling and Rocca refuges are joined by means of a glacier walk.

Which option are you going to choose?

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