Hike Mirada del Doctor (Doctor´s Look)

You are going to feel like a condor with the view you are going to have of Lake Frey and the Tristeza arm. A beautiful experience that not all people know and that means a connection with the fauna, flora and nature of our beautiful Andean Forest.

Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 5 km. from Laguna Ilón / 13 km. from Pampa Linda (approx.)
Height: 1,450 masl.
Duration: 2 hours from Laguna Ilón and 6/7 hours. from Pampa Linda (approx.)
Points of interest: Pampa Linda, Alerce River, Refuge Ilón Lagoon, "Mallines"

Others: Access to this viewpoint is from Laguna Ilón, arriving through Pampa Linda or through the 5 Lagunas Mountain Traverse


IMPORTANT: Access to this sector of Nahuel Huapi National Park has established entry / exit schedules. The entry must be paid in CASH.

"La mirada del Doctor" (Doctor's Look), is named to a promontory located on the northeast slope of Mount "Mar de Piedra" (Sea of Stones), clearly visible from the Ilón Lagoon, to the northwest.

The name is in honor of Doctor Christofredo Jakob (assiduous visitor explorer of the area) who used the place to meditate in his spare time.

It is a privileged balcony overlooking a 500-meter precipice over Lake Frey. To the bottom we see the "Tristeza" (Sadness) fjord of Nahuel Huapi lake.

The trail begins at Laguna Ilón, it is of low difficulty, between high forests of Lenga (Nothofagus Pumilio) and crossing "mallines" (flood zone), to end in a rocky area with low "lenga".

The viewpoint is a place with an indescribable view, no photo can convey what we can live in that place: Feel the immensity of nature, and if we are lucky, we can see condors that nest in the area.

Condors nest in the area, so it is likely to cross some of them.

In spite of having a low difficulty access, special care should be taken when walking through the area since the headland is small with precipices on the sides.

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