5 Lagoons (Colonia Suiza / Pampa Linda)

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Route: Colonia Suiza / Pampa Linda
Difficulty: Medium +
Distance: 55 km. approx. (total)
Total Elevation: +3,000 m. approx.
Points of interest: Colonia Suiza, Goye Stream, "Laguna Negra" (Black Lagoon), "La Chata" stream, "CAB" Lagoon, Mount "Cristales", "Cretton" Lagoon, Blue Lagoon, Mount Capitan, "Ilón" Lagoon, Doctor`s Look, Pampa Linda.

The route connects Colonia Suiza with the Laguna Negra Hut, then we pas to the valley where the "Lluvu" (or Cab) lagoon is located. The next section is towards the "Crettón" Lagoon, and finally, this lagoon is connected to the Ilón Lagoon (or Meat Lagoon). The last stage is from here descending to Pampa Linda.

Once we arrive in Pampa Linda, you can end there, or add another traverse: "Paso de Las Nubes" to Puerto Frías returning to Bariloche by catamaran.

It is a traverse through rugged places (some demanding), connects the area of Mount "Tronador" with the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, through mountain ridges at 2,000 meters. There are no huts or services (only at the beginning and at the end), so we must have experience in trekking and camp and good physical condition.

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