Traverse 2 Refuges (Crossing Jakob to Laguna Negra)

This trekking is a physical and technical challenge that will offer you incredible views joining 2 refuges. We will use our hands to progress, we will walk along mountainous edges and sectors exposed to falls, we will cross some waterfalls, we will walk between mallines and streams and we will come across some patches of snow. The singing of the birds and the beauty of our flowers will be a spectacular setting for such a demanding tour.

Duration: 2/3 days
Route: Tambo Báez / Colonia Suiza
Difficulty: High
Distance: 33 km. (total)
Total Elevation: +1,700 m. approx.
Points of interest: Tambo Báez, Cajones Casa de Piedra, Refugio Jakob, Mount Schweitzer, Mount de los Inocentes, Mount Navidad, Refugio Laguna Negra, Caracoles, Goye Stream, Colonia Suiza

The most complete, challenging and demanding section of the 4 refuges traverse, some mountain experience and a very good physical condition are required to face this journey. It is not recommended for people who have vertigo.

For 3 days you will tour the refuges and experience the mountain atmosphere that is generated in Bariloche. You will have incredible views such as our imposing Mount Tronador and the Chilean Puntiagudo Volcano.

It is 33 km. of route in total and connects 2 of the most recognized classic refuges of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. The first day we will depart from Támbo Báez and the first section is to the Refuge Jakob walking along the banks of the Casa de Piedra Stream between forests that will pass through enormous Coihues, then through aged Ñires and then halfway through a Lengas forest dreamlike.

We will reach the second bridge and enjoy the waterfall of the stream that comes from the Jakob Lagoon. We will access it 5 minutes before reaching the refuge, and in summer, it is a must stop to cool off.

The complete journey is 3 days, although you can also go up to Jakob on your own and only have the section to Refugio Laguna Negra guided.

The second day will be the most spectacular, we will start very early, we will cross the entire camping area and the most technical section will begin where we will help ourselves on several occasions with our hands.

We will walk in the direction of Témpanos lagoon, and shortly before arriving, we will detour to Pico Refugio and then ascend towards Mount Navidad.

We will walk along several rocky edges and we will get to see Navidad lagoon from above, a must-see place for lunch. After a rest we will border the lagoon and reach the summit of the hill with the same name. Here the descent through the Navidad Valley will continue.

The Navidad Valley includes areas with snow, water, mallines, mud, huge rocks and even a small waterfall that we will have to cross trying not to get wet.

Once we have overcome the obstacles in this valley we will arrive at Los Caracoles and then at the Refuge Laguna Negra.

After spending the night we will descend to Colonia Suiza, another option we will have is to go to the Refuge López and add another refuge to this beautiful journey.

Do you dare to do it?

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